December 26, 2017

Key Issues – Sufficient and Equitable Funding

  • SSA/School Funding
      1. “After contentious words, Iowa Senate passes 1.1 percent K-12 school aid increase.” Des Moines Register. Feb 2, 2017. This article summarizes the 2017 action taken by the state legislature for Supplemental School Aide (SSA) for FY2018. The legislature passed a 1.1% increase, lower than even the 2% increase recommended by then Gov. Branstad.
      2. Data: The ABC’s of Iowa’s school funding formula.” Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sep 9, 2017. This article gives the basics of how school funding works and why it differs district to district. It includes an interactive map of spending in each district.
      3. “Financing public education in Iowa.” Iowa Dept of Education, January 2017. This report gives a very thorough description of how public education is funded in the state, including a nice history (pp 1-3), and the SAVE program (p 25). It is very technical, and is a good resource for anyone who wants a full understanding of how Iowa’s schools are funded.
      4. “Transportation heightens Iowa education spending discrepancies.” Des Moines Register, May 19, 2017. This article highlights how steep transportation costs decrease the amount some districts can spend in the classroom, as well as some legislative efforts in 2017 to address the issue.
      5. “Education Funding for Iowa Students-Historical funding per pupil.” Iowa Legislative Services Agency. Statistics from the state legislature on per pupil spending from FY 2000-2016. After significant increases from 2009-2011, funding in the last 5 years has leveled off.