January 9, 2018

P4GIS In the News

Parents have the loudest voices

A group called Parents for Great Iowa Schools spent time this past month making the rounds to many communities to share information on current state legislation affecting Iowa’s public schools, and engage parents, community and business leaders in advocacy.

Iowa Public School Advocates Lobby Legislators at Statehouse

Public school parents and school board members lobbied Iowa lawmakers Tuesday to support legislation they say will improve the state's public schools.

Iowa Parents Seek Voice in Legislature’s Education Debate

Parents for Great Iowa Schools was started in a living room by Des Moines parents, and it has blossomed into a statewide network of families who want to engage in the political process.

Parents for Great Iowa Schools Hosts Education-Focused Legislative Forum

The group “Parents for Great Iowa Schools” hosted a forum with Senator Mark Chelgren, R – Wapello County, and Senator Herman Quirmbach, D – Ames, who work on the Senate Education Committee.

Group aims to teach Iowa how to better advocate for education

What some thought was going to be a small, intimate meeting with just a few, turned out to need two rooms.

Iowa legislator, superintendents talk education issues on panel

Des Moines Public Schools Superintendent Tom Ahart and Davis County Community School District Superintendent Dan Maeder were joined by Rep. Sharon Steckman, D-Mason City, in front of about 50 people in a conference room at the Wellmark YMCA in downtown Des Moines for an open forum on education issues in Iowa. It was hosted by Parents for Great Iowa Schools, a nonpartisan lobbying group.