December 26, 2017

Iowa Public School Success


  1. “Imagine what summer school could be. Council Bluffs did.” Iowa Dept of Education. July 25, 2017. Council Bluffs Community School District has an updated summer program for elementary, middle and high school kids that meets the needs of each age group and incorporate partnerships with the community.
  2. “Technology Provides New Opportunities for Learning in Iowa Schools.” IPTV. Dec 19, 2017. This IPTV video segment highlights how Iowa schools are using technology to enhance classroom activities. This includes teaching children problem solving, using technology to help children with special needs, and how technology can increase creativity in the classroom. It showcases several Iowa school districts.
  3. “STEM engagement in Northeast Iowa.” The Courier. Dec 8, 2017. NE Iowa Regional Stem manager Jeff Beneke describes the progress the STEM Council program has made with training educators and creating business-school partnerships.
  4. “Des Moines Teachers Building Community Through Food Pantry.” WHO-TV, March 31, 2017. Staff at Monroe Elementary School in Des Moines started a food pantry for their families living with poverty. It is a great example of community outreach through Iowa schools.
  5. Iowa’s high school graduation rate continues to climb
  6. Three global indexes show that U.S. public schools must be doing something right
  7. Financing School Programs in Iowa
  8. Financing public education in Iowa
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